There are many historic homes in the Northeast, but some of them toe the line between antique and outdated, which can lead to common home defects that ought to be checked during home inspection. 


In older homes, problems with faulty wiring tend to run rampant. Often a home might be remodeled without the wiring being updated to meet current code; this presents a number of potential dangers. Hiring a professional electrician is the safest way to make sure that any home’s wiring doesn’t pose any threats. 


Roofing issues are commonly exposed during home inspections, and they can range from minor to serious. A few missing shingles are easily remedied without much expense, but a sagging roof or one that’s excessively leaky can prove more costly to manage properly. 


Many New Jersey homes exhibit signs of plumbing problems, like poor water pressure and choked drainage. Homeowners can first attempt to take matters into their own hands by clearing out minor clogs and patching small leaks, particularly if someone in the house is especially handy, but a professional plumber will be necessary for more serious problems. 


The awful thing about infestations is that they can often go undetected until they’re completely out of control as many bugs are skilled at hiding. Fortunately, observant homeowners can take care of small infestations on their own with store-bought products. If the problem persists, though, hiring an exterminator becomes absolutely necessary. 


Often, poor ventilation in a home is due to the fact that the house simply wasn’t designed with the doors and windows in an optimal place to encourage airflow. Unfortunately, poor ventilation can lead to a build-up of moisture, and a professional will have to come in and create a more robust ventilation system. 

Buying a home can be an exciting process. Make sure you protect your investment by getting an inspection before signing a deal!

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